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I grew up in Massachusets at the end of a dirt road near the top of a steep hill. Every Saturday morning, the bookmobile stopped at the botton of that steep hill. Every week, I lugged as many books as possible up and down it, in every conceivable type of weather.

Before I learned to read, I did what most kids do. I made up stories to go with the illustrations in my picture books. Oddly, neither our family Dalmation, nor my sisters and two brothers found them fascinating at all.  

Once I could read chapter books, my grandparents on my dad's side began gifting me with a brand new book each Friday. Lucky me!  Between my grandparents and the bookmobile, I was well supplied with great books.  And I read every one of them. Multiple times. Had I kept count, I think the number would be pretty impressive.

My Sleepyheads    ...

Awake and all grown up!

My grandparents on my mum's side, not to be outdone by the other grandparents, enrolled me in ballet classes. There I learned a lovely and different way to tell a story - through movement and dance.  When I grew up, I had a career for many years as a Dance Teacher, Choreographer and Artistic Director. 


So, you could say I used to tell stories on a stage and now I tell stories on a page. 

me as a violet
cute sister,
bored brothers

I have lived in Massachusetts and New Hampshire near the Atlantic Ocean, in California near the Pacific Ocean and in Texas near the Gulf of Mexico, where I currently live in the Houston area. I am married to a man who could pass for Santa Claus and we have three

beautiful daughters who have given us seven incredible grandchildren. 

© Aimee Westbrook Photography

My Sleepyheads' Sleepyheads

When I'm not busy writing, traveling around sharing that writing, or spending time with my family, this is what you might find me doing:  Reading, biking, walking, knitting, dancing or eating popcorn. I really like popcorn. A lot. Should you ever need to bribe me, a bowl of popcorn is all you need. No butter, please and just a dash of sea salt.
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