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Thank You Notes Are the Best!


Working with children is an honor, a privilege, and a serious responsibility.  For me, the absolute best part of writing for children is connecting with them through a book.  If you are interested in a school visit, see below for the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW of it all.


  • I present to students from Grades Pre-K through 6th.  With more than one grade level at a time, it works best if they are grouped age-appropriately.  No self-respecting sixth grader wants to participate in a program geared for Pre-K or K, right?


  • Typical presentations run anywhere from 45 minutes to 75 minutes dependng on age group.  A one day school visit usually includes 3 or 4 presentations.

  • All Presentations support language arts, math, science, social studies, music and art concepts appropriate to the age group. 

  • All presentations encourage student participation.  

  • Presentation approach and focus depends on the grade level. 

  • With younger grades I use music, movement and props.

  • With older grades, there is a greater emphasis on writing. We use the book as a mentor text to discuss ways of making their own writing stronger. 

(Presentation Content)

(not necessarily in this order)

  • About me and my life as an author.  

  • About my publishing journey ( From Brain To Bookshelf).  Lots of show-and-tell, age-appropriately presented,  about the  idea, the writing, revision, submission, rejection,  acceptance, offer, Author contract, Illustrator contract, preliminary artwork, finished artwork, F & G's, advance copies, reviews and finally, the book available online, in libraries and on bookstore shelves.  

  • About the book.

  • Reading and Discussion of works-in-progress

  • Q & A:  (Never hurts to go over the difference between a question and a statement with the younger ones).


  • Now booking for 2021-2022 school year.  


  • The library or multi-purpose room rather than a stage in a large auditorium because I like to be close enough for plenty of interaction with students.   



  • Because school visits rock - that's why!


  • To inquire about a visit, please use the contact form provided on this webside.  I will then contact you to discuss details like dates and scheduling,  group sizes and grade levels, fees, travel-related expenses, any needed items your school is unable to supply, and other questions specific to your school's needs. We will work together to design the best possible visit.  


School Visit Packet

Once we have worked out the details of the visit, you will receive a packet containing the following:

  • Confirmation of Visit Letter

  • Contract to be signed and returned

  • List of equipment needed

  • Printable Pre-Order Book Form*





When you book a visit, you will receive a Pre-Order Form which may be duplicated to send home with students.  On that form will be a section to be filled out as to whom I should sign the book. Please detach and put it inside each book purchased, otherwise I will have to sign my name only. Please arrange for me to sign in a private place so that it is not uncomfortable for those children not ordering a book. Books are available from your local bookstore, online, or from Simon & Schuster Special Sales at:



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